The Establishment Railroads the Grass Roots at the RNC

Boehner Betrays Us, Again

I wrote recently that the GOP doesn’t like the TEA Party and Ron Paulites especially and boy was that evident today. The establishment GOP forced through new rules which will basically neuter the grass roots.

Forget the betrayal of the Ron Paul Revolution, John Boehner and the Party have betrayed the Ronald Reagan Revolution which started with an anti-tax brushfire in California.

You, the average person now have essentially no voice in the Party. You are to fall in line. And you are to like it.

At least some of the Texas delegation saw that the issue was larger than just shutting out the Paulites. They weren’t going to have their delegates replaced by the party in Washington. But in the end the effort failed. John Boehner took a voice vote and that was that.

This is a sad day. Yet I see no tears from Boehner.

(From The Washington Post)

“It’s a railroad. They’re trying to stage a coup and make the grassroots completely irrelevant for the future,” said alternate delegate and Paul supporter Jeremy Blosser, 36, of Fort Worth, Tex., wearing his delegation’s white cowboy hat as he waited for the opening gavel early Tuesday afternoon. A lot of people, he said, “are upset about these credentials shenanigans.”

Darrell Johnson, an alternate delegate from Michigan, said he’d heard rumors that some delegates will turn their back on Mitt Romney when he speaks.

“We’re fighting for our brothers and sisters of Maine. We sat here and objected,” said Harrison Whitaker, a delegate from Texas who said he would vote for Romney but supports Paul. “We don’t want to see people get cheated. Stuff like this, it’s so disheartening.”

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