The Police State Comes to My County

For those of you who think that crony capitalism is not a bi-partisan endeavor, I submit this dispatch from the county in which I live, rural Fauquier County Virginia.

Some people in the county it seems don’t like people coming to the vineyards next to their estates on the weekends. So they have unleashed a wine commissar to keep any commerce from occurring. Again this is in solidly Republican Fauquier County.

(From the Washington Examiner)

“Most of the wineries are mom and pop operations. Some, though, have been more creative in marketing, employing more people, and generating revenue. The county thinks such success must be punished.

At the center of all this is the county zoning administrator, a bureaucratic czar named Kimberley Johnson, whose bullying and heavy-handed enforcement tactics have resulted in calls for her dismissal by county farmers and residents. Johnson was recently the subject of a citizen-farmer “pitchfork protest” in a matter in which she fined one farmer for conducting a pumpkin carving and a birthday party for eight little girls without the proper permit.”

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