This is just flat out depressing. Dick Cheney on Ryan VP pick: “I can’t think of a better choice”

Look I get that Obama has been a disaster for this country and that another 4 years of him and his crew is a bad idea. I am for free markets and a robust and dynamic entrepreneurial economy. I am for a smaller state. And I am of course deeply against crony capitalism. Obama is anathema to these things.

But boy Romney and Ryan leave so much to be desired.

And then I saw the above quote I just thought to myself, “Hasn’t Dick Cheney done enough damage to the GOP and the country already? Can’t this guy just go out to pasture?” Cheney and Bush destroyed anything that was left of the small government culture within the GOP. There was a time when at least some Republicans were for less government. It was a brief time, but Cheney and his crowd stomped out what life was left in the “Reagan Revolution.”

And don’t forget this conservatives. Cheney and Bush laid the foundation for Obama and his massive power grabs. It is because Bush and Cheney ran roughshod over much of the Constitution, and completely abandoned anything which looked like responsible economic policy, that we have now have Obama taking it to the next level. Cheney and Bush opened the door to Obama.

Also important not to forget, it was Cheney who famously said “deficits don’t matter.” You know who else makes that argument these days? Barack Obama.

So this ringing endorsement from Cheney, well, I suppose it’s par for the course right now.

You people who attended the TEA Party rallies, calling for smaller government, making the case for something different, the establishment overtook you, and as they said they would have made you irrelevant. You are now to walk in lock step toward the election of Mitt Romney, because Obama is such a colossal mistake, and because Cheney and the GOP establishment have told you to.

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