This is what modern propaganda looks like: Media Matters

Don’t get me wrong. Fox News is pretty bad too. What Fox did systematically to Ron Paul was disgusting.

However, what a lot of people don’t know is that the White House has what looks to be an out and out private propaganda wing which is very sophisticated and very coordinated in Media Matters.

They basically craft narratives and then push them out into the old media (which no offense my liberal friends is unabashedly liberal) and into “progressive” new media. There is a reason why MSNBC and the White House sound the same; it’s not an accident.

The problem is that many people still give the establishment press credibility. Many of these people also vote. As such Media Matters has great power, and they have the establishment press eating out of their hand.

The Daily Caller, starting in February has done a great job of exposing Media Matters, but exposing to whom? You and me maybe but the old media, surprise, is not interested in the story.

The president manipulates the media via a tax exempt organization which some argue is given cabinet-like access and it’s not a story worth covering? Well, I wonder why.

The only reason I bring this up is that as I was running today on the treadmill I watched MSNBC. Then when I got in the car I turned on WTOP (a very influential news station in Washington) and they talked about the same stories in almost the same way as MSNBC. Then I flipped over to NPR. Guess what? Same agenda.

I’ve grown numb to the coordination over the years, but today, well it made me angry.

So take a look for yourself. Here’s the Media Matters site.

It’s not all bad, at least they mention LIBOR (at the very bottom of the site) which is more than many news outlets can say. But when you hear the same thing over and over from the establishment, the #oldmedia, click over to Media Matters and see if the old media are riffing off of what David Brock and Company have crafted.

Again, sorry liberal readers, but Media Matters is nasty. I’ll do something on Romney and his bundlers soon. I promise.