58% of respondents in an Ohio Newspaper poll supported the auto bailouts.

That is not good news for Republicans. Romney’s chances increasingly hinge on Ohio. Romney is on record as having opposed the bailouts.

In the attached article Tim Carney examines the challenge of running against an opponent who has no problem redistributing wealth to political allies. Not selling goodies directly to voters is a much more difficult strategy with which to win.

The truth is many people have no problem at all with cronyism so long as it works to their advantage. For a good number of voters getting some crumbs from the table of the cronyist feast is fine by them. There is no moral dilemma. They benefit directly and immediately. That’s why we have a democracy right? So everyone can get some crumbs.

(From The Examiner)

“…government intervention is “making it harder and harder for small businesses to survive.”

This has a broad appeal, mostly among small-business owners who can’t afford lobbyists. Romney polls above 60 percent among small-business owners, according to Manta, a business research firm. But for every Thomas Pounds and Dale and Robin Pfund, there are hundreds of workers who don’t own a business.”

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