Corn is everywhere. Food. Fuel. Washington DC. (A simple infographic)

According to the American taxpayer shells out $10-30 billion (depending on the year) to make sure corn finds its way into our stomachs and gas tanks.

On average corn growers get more in taxpayer funded subsidies than all other crops combined. (Not that any of them should be getting subsidies.)

Plus, because of the subsidy on sugar, which raises the price of sugar to twice what it is in most of the developed world, high fructose corn syrup—a cheaper alternative to regular sugar—is in nearly everything.

3 out of 4 products in the grocery store have corn in them. That genetically modified corn, which is increasingly what we are consuming, has been shown in at least one study to trigger infertility in rats, should concern us even beyond the hijacking of billions of hard earned tax dollars.

Perhaps it’s time to dethrone King Corn.