Government Dependence is an Important Issue Which Should be Discussed

I’m sorry but I thought that the video of Romney talking about how 47% wouldn’t support him because they were dependent on government assistance was the best speech I’ve seen the governor give.

To be clear, this is no endorsement of Romney. We at ACC will not endorse anyone for the presidency.

But for all the talk of how this moment was a “gaff” and that it hurt Mr. Romney’s chances, I think this video will actually work to Romney’s benefit.

Many people were offended by Romney’s candor. Many a pundit railed against Mr. Romney’s “cynical” and “insensitive” remarks.  How could Romney just write off 47% of the population?  What an out of touch aloof rich white guy. Geez, what tool.

But for many people Romney said what they felt, and I’m not just talking about the base of the Republican party. I’m talking about independents.

Many people in this country look around and see people who are more than willing to “work the system” when they in contrast find such actions shameful.

On the lowest level it’s the stealing of a Social Security check from Grandma or the fraudulent claim of disability. At the highest level it is the massive corporate welfare Wall Street, defense, energy, and other industries enjoy.

The middle class feels abandoned and Romney just hit on what this group is feeling.

My thoughts here are purely tactical. A little bit of analysis on a race in which I do not have a horse. But despite what the #oldmedia has insisted, Romney has an important point.

It is probably a good thing that the people who were offended were.

Click here for an interesting analysis of Romney’s point from The Business Insider.