Rahm Caves to the Teachers

In the attached article the author points out the chance Rahm Emanuel had to do some actual good for his city and for its children. You know the people who attend the schools where the teachers work for a handsome wage. But he failed, utterly.

There was little in the way of concessions from the union and the teachers have pushed Chicago further into the economic red zone.

Much of this of course had to do with the fact that Rahm Emanuel is Barack Obama’s former Chief of Staff. The teachers union wanted to make a very public stink right before the election and their tack paid off. The last thing the Democratic Party wanted to do was irritate its most solid block of voters, teachers, right before election day. In the rough and tumble world of Chicago politics you have to hand it to the union. They won.

Of course the tax payers and children of Chicago lost, but hey someone has to I guess.

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