Rules Are For The Little People, Not Cabinet Secretaries

It seems pretty clear that we have a tiered justice system in this country. If one is powerful, ideally rich, and most importantly connected, the rules that most of us must adhere to do not apply. Just ask Jon Corzine.

Equal justice under the law. What a nice concept for you. For those of us who run the show however such a concept doesn’t make as much sense. It may not seem fair. But trust us. We are your betters.


“Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health & Human Services, violated the Hatch Act by engaging in partisan politics at a “taxpayer-funded public event.” But this political appointee is not getting punished, much less receiving the “statutory minimum penalty” for violations of the Act, namely “30 days’ suspension without pay.” (Generally, a greater penalty than that is required; firing is required unless ”the Merit System Protection Board finds by unanimous vote that the violation does not warrant removal.”)  Ordinary civil servants have been terminated, or received 120-day suspensions without pay, for infinitely less serious offenses, like sending an email supporting a political candidate.”

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