Should Charles Koch be Talking About Cronyism? Yes.

Charles Koch and his brother David have gotten some bad press over the years. The fact that they are incredibly wealthy, made their money in the oil business (which is a sin), and because they are politically active in ways that certain groups find abhorrent has brought much scrutiny. I think it’s fair to say, though the men are very different from what I can tell, that Charles Koch occupies the same real estate in the minds of those on the Left as George Soros does for those on the Right.

Many have taken Charles Koch to task for his recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal in which he discussed the “destructive force of cronyism.” Some have said that the Koch organization has benefited from some forms of cronyism and therefore Koch is a hypocrite.

Though it is true that Koch Industries has benefited from subsidies, etc. in various forms, and Koch acknowledges this in the piece,  Koch has painted with a bold brush in the attached op-ed. He has purposely trained the media and the government’s eyes on his organization with regard to crony capitalism. He wrote a piece in the most widely read business publication in the world and made a statement to the business community and to government. I don’t see many other big time business leaders doing that. And that is something.

Click here for Charles Koch’s op-ed.