Son of CISPA: Lieberman Urges the President to Issue an Executive Order for Federal Takeover of Important Parts of the Internet

SOPA and CISPA were both defeated in Congress because the people of America rose up and told the legislators to keep their hands off of the Internet. People like the freedom the Internet provides in a world which is less and less free. It is the last bastion of liberty. It is the only part of the economy which has seen any real, tangible growth over the last decade—because it is largely free. But the Federal government sees the Internet as a huge threat potentially and come hook or by crook they want to seize god-like powers over cyberspace.

Since so much resistance was met in Congress from the American people those who wish to control the flow of information in the name of “cyber security” are now appealing to the President to just go around our legislature and issue a king-like decree, I mean executive order, to seize ultimate control over important parts of the Net.

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Fellow citizens of the Net, we must never surrender.