“The Fed is the Heart of the Problem” – David Stockman on CNBC

In less than one month I will be moderating a panel on crony capitalism at the UnConvention at the Cipriani in New York.  Right before the panel David Stockman will give a keynote on all things crony. I can’t wait.

He couldn’t be more right. The Fed is the problem. Savers have been crushed since 2008. Middle class people too scared to put money into anything but CDs or treasuries have been tossed aside as so much retail investing trash by the Fed over the last 4 years.

The market is now nuzzling the Fed like a hungry piglet for a 5th feeding. Please Mr. Bernanke! Please give us some stimulus before bonus season. Please!

Anyway, here’s a sample of Stockman rolling and riffing on CNBC. Enjoy.