There is a large part of America which is anti-entrepreneur

This rant, made for Youtube by the way, is a good example of this. Being a business owner is not risky, says this woman, “it’s being poor which is risky.”

Hate to tell you, but many entrepreneurs start off poor. Many never make it out of poverty and end in bankruptcy. The business owner is subject to the whims of the market, and now the whims of the regulators, which can be worse.

The business owner makes payroll. He holds inventory. She leverages her home. The business owner puts his or her name and stomach on the line.

2 examples from my family.

I have an uncle and aunt who built a successful furniture business out of a back shed using my uncle’s dad’s old tools. They started in Lynchburg, Virginia with not very much but eventually built a factory in Norfolk becoming one of the very few furniture companies left in the Commonwealth. They employ at least 50 people and have become a leader in high quality furniture. They have seen plenty of rough times but have persevered. This should be celebrated, not derided. Neither my uncle or aunt went to college it must be noted.

I have another uncle, from another part of the family, who graduated from Virginia Tech and decided he wanted to go into business for himself. He opened an ice cream shop, which eventually failed. However, in those times of challenge he realized that there was money to be made selling jewelry at flea markets. He and his wife sold one piece here, another there, leveraging their gains as they went. Eventually they opened a shop and then another. They now have a thriving jewelry business in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Tell these guys what they achieved wasn’t a risky endeavor. They are the American dream. They not only created wealth for themselves, they created wealth for their employees and the other businesses which do business with them. This is America.

But the attitude expressed below is the same which was expressed in President Obama’s now infamous “You didn’t build that” speech. (And spare me the misquote nonsense, that is just spin, he meant what he said.)

There is a deep resentment of success, and frankly the work ethic which long drove this country. There is a resentment of “bourgeois” sensibilities.  With is tendency toward property rights, and individual freedom.

It was the “capitalist class” which was reserved for special criticism by Marx. The ruling classes could be co-opted or simply liquidated on the way to “(Marxist) revolution.” It was the prosperous business owners who presented the greatest challenge because they were crafty and knew how to create wealth.

One last point, the speaker below says “we need to “build a safety net for the poor.” Some form of safety net is important and necessary. But who pays for this safety net? The productive part of society. Everyone who pays income taxes, and especially the business owners.