World’s Largest Energy Utility Underwriting the Democratic Convention?

Not all of it. Just $40 million or so.

That’s right North Carolina energy consumers, the DNC just couldn’t have happened without you.

Duke energy is tight with the Dems so this is no surprise. And $40 million seems like a deal in the greater scheme of things. Do you think there is a Democratic member of Congress who won’t see the Duke Energy lobbyist?

(From The Examiner)

“Rogers, who heads the largest energy company in the United States, gave President Obama high marks, stating that he took the reins of government at a very low point and made great strides in making the country more energy efficient through the development of natural gas.

But to some, Rogers’ praise of Obama has a hollow ring, considering that Duke Energy pledged $32 million to the Democratic National Convention, which is meeting this week in Charlotte. Duke also provided an open line of credit to the DNC in the amount of $10 million.

Rogers himself serves as co-chair of the DNC host committee and is well known for his support for Obama and other Democrats.”

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