Chicago Crony Capitalists Throw the Children Under the Bus – Again

Kids are forced to eat food from dirty school cafeterias.

We have previously noted that  the Chicago schools do not allow students to bring a lunch from home. This is allegedly to ensure good nutrition, which might be funny if children weren’t involved. Some proponents also argue that it provides more “equal” nutrition. But the real reason is that the union won’t allow kids to bring lunches because it would reduce the number of jobs for their members.

Now we learn in the article below that the school cafeterias aren’t even passing food inspections.

Putting public employee unions ahead of the needs of children is just about as classic an example of crony capitalism as there can be. It also illustrates how crony capitalism is not just about the relationship of government and private businesses. Some of the most egregious cronyism favors special interests among unions, lawyers, and others outside the private sector.

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