Chicago Tries to Regulate Innovative Taxi Service – Uber – Out of Existence

It’s a bummer when your business model becomes antiquated overnight.

Taxi companies across the nation are finding themselves in that situation. But instead of innovating they have dug in their heels.

The online service Uber allows passengers to call for a taxi using their smartphones and to pay for rides using an online account. Simple. Easy. Quick. In Washington, DC where I live, many people love it. But that hasn’t kept the city from trying (unsuccessfully to date) to shut Uber down. Now Chicago is trying to regulate away the service too.

This is classic crony capitalism. A vested interest calls up its friends at city hall to protect its interests to the detriment of everyone else.


“It’s no secret that Uber’s disruptive on-demand car and taxi service is ruffling the feathers of the taxi industry. It seems that in every city in which Uber launches, there’s legal pushback from the industry that the startup is disrupting. We’ve seen this in D.C., San Francisco, New York and Boston. Today, Chicago joins the mix, with a new lawsuit filed by a group of taxi and livery companies in Chicago.”

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