Chicago (and Vested Taxi Companies) Are Trying to Outlaw the Innovative Taxi Service Uber. Uber Takes the Fight Online.

The old taxi companies in Chicago don’t want to have to compete with the upstart and very innovative taxi service, Uber.

Basically, Uber allows one to hail a cab from one’s phone and also to pay online without the hassle of pulling out a credit card or cash. Many people love it. The old taxi cab companies hate it, however, because it both commoditizes their business and increases transparency. It’s understandable that the old cab companies feel put out. But instead of innovating and competing, established taxi companies across the nation have gone to city halls from San Fransisco to Washington DC to outlaw the service.

Chicago is the site of the most recent flare up, and Uber has taken the Chi-town fight online and directly to their customers via this petition.

I encourage you to try Uber next time you’re in the city. Consider signing their petition, too. They have taken on a deeply entrenched industry which could really use some shaking up.

(From Tech Crunch)

“The petition, which you can read (and if you’re so inclined, sign) here, is titled: “Chicago BACP: Don’t Kill Uber! Remove the No Measured Rates Provision.” The problems, according to both the petition and earlier statements from the company, lie in sections that prohibit limo companies from using electronic measurement devices and the use of time- or distance-based charges. Uber’s argument: Limo companies in Chicago already charge this way, they’re just doing it with less precision. So the petition is asking for Chicago regulators to drop the rules.”

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