Don’t Want to Join a Union? Too Bad. NLRB Says Organizers Get Your Email.

I have written before that unions, especially private unions, are not necessarily bad things.

If a group of workers want to come together to sell their labor and skills in bulk to a company in return for a contract which guarantees them certain privileges and conditions, that is entirely reasonable. That’s a market. There is nothing wrong with that.  Both workers and management benefit from knowing the rules of the game.

But there is a reason why unions in general are held in such low esteem by so many. The private unions always want to spill out into politics and use the coercive power of the government to their benefit.

Case in point.

A rule, soon to be passed by the National Labor Relations Board (why does such a thing even exist?), will grant union organizers access to the private information of non-union workers within companies these unions are trying to “organize.”

That’s right, the AFL-CIO or the SEIU or the UAW now gets your email and telephone number whether you want them to have it or not.

You think Jehovah Witnesses are annoying? Wait until you meet Jimmy and Frankie from the Brotherhood of Pipe Fitters. They don’t carry copies of the Watchtower, they carry other things.  And now they get to call you and spam your email inbox. (They already have access to your home address under NRLB rules.) All with the blessing of the government.

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