Fix Copyright in the USA. It Was Never Meant to be a Way to Entrench the Already Powerful.

Copyright laws in this country are absurd and amount to little more than givaways to the entertainment industry.

Additionally they hamper creativity and the development of new ideas and markets.

In the attached article Virginia Postrel explains that, “A copyright isn’t supposed to be a reward. It’s supposed to be an incentive.”

Copyright should encourage creativity, not shut it down. Right now we are shutting it down for the sake of a few very powerful interests. Mickey Mouse, I’m looking at you.

(From Bloomberg)

A young Capitol Hill staff member named Derek S. Khanna published a Republican Study Committee policy brief titled “Three Myths About Copyright Law and Where to Start to Fix It.” The paper attacked the current copyright system, particularly the continual and retroactive extension of copyright terms at the behest of entertainment-industry lobbyists.

The target wasn’t new — today’s expansive copyright law has long been a pet peeve of many technorati and left-leaning critics of corporate power — but Khanna’s critique was striking. He made his case in the traditional Republican language of free markets, limited government and constitutional intent.

“The Federal government has gotten way too big,” the report declared, “and our copyright law is a symptom of the expansion in the size and scope of the federal government.” The current system, it went on, “bears almost no resemblance to the constitutional provision that enabled it and the conception of this right by our Founding Fathers.”

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