Goldman Sachs Takes Over the Bank of England

Technically one of their alums is taking over the Bank of England, Mark Carney, but it is pretty clear that the “vampire squid” now holds sway over nearly the entire European banking system.

As you can see in the above map Government Sachs stretches from the tip of Crete, now to the windy wilds of Thurso Scotland. With plenty of other outposts to boot. And this isn’t even their main gig. Goldman does hail from the USA, of course, and the empire is centered in New York.

It should be remembered, it must be remembered, that if it were not for the bailout in 2008, Goldman Sachs would not exist. But because of its privileged position within the halls of Washington—Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner are both Government Sachs guys—it not only survived its self induced calamity, it was able to leverage the credit of the American taxpayer to expand its reach.

Something else must also never be forgotten. The quarter after the bailout- the bailout which you paid for- the bailout which saved the skins of those who leveraged the bank recklessly to the point of insolvency without the backing of the taxpayer- reported record “profits.”

Goldman Sachs managed its books far worse than many of the people who were soon to lose their homes. But because Goldman had buddies in the right places, indeed controlled government policy, they got the people who lost their homes to essentially pay for their profligate ways.

This is the kind of outfit Goldman Sachs is. What’s sick is that they are actually proud of it.

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