Our Crony Capitalist Infested Military

The article below recounts the debate within the military about the present policy of prosecuting soldiers who try to commit suicide. There is currently an epidemic of soldier suicides, some but not all of whom have suffered brain injuries in combat.

Here is the connection to crony capitalism. Research and clinical results suggests that the best therapy for brain injury is hyperbaric oxygen. But soldiers rarely get that. There is little or no profit in it for the “health” industry and that industry has powerful friends in government. So soldiers are given expensive drugs pushed by Big Pharma, many of which are highly toxic and almost all of which have the potential to lead to suicide. Even conventional depression drugs, the mildest of these drugs, have a black box message on the package warning of their potential to cause suicide among young people. The black box doesn’t mention it, but they can also lead someone to commit otherwise unexplained acts of violence against others. Remember that sergeant in Afghanistan who suddenly started killing?

So if a soldier goes to the clinic and says he is depressed or having mental problems, he is given strong drugs, including very toxic anti-psychotics, although there is no evidence that these will help brain injury. When the whole thing backfires, the soldier may be prosecuted for trying to take his life, even though the military is clearly at fault for turning these problems over to Big Pharma.

Soldiers have sacrificed their personal liberty in order to protect ours, and in some cases have suffered devastating injuries if not death, and this is how we repay them?

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