Ron Paul: We’re Broke and Already Over Fiscal Cliff

Ron Paul is no fan of Mitt Romney to be sure, but he makes a good point about the way the vote went on Tuesday.

People voted for the bailouts. They voted to be taken care of. They voted for the welfare state. When half of the population gets a check directly from the government, when people are impacted in significant ways if that check doesn’t come, how can we expect these folks to reduce the size of government? We can’t expect that.

This is a very dangerous situation for our country. The first vote is always for a full belly, and if the government is handing out fish, instead of the people heading out in boats to catch them, the government is only going to get more powerful.

But its not all gloom. I, like Ron Paul, still have quite a lot of hope for the future. Young people who live much of their lives online, understand markets and the need for free flowing information almost on an intuitive level. This disposition bodes well for those of us who hope for a freer and more prosperous world in the future.

Click here for the interview with Ron Paul.