Taxpayers Paid $40K for an Oil Painting of the EPA Administrator, $41K for a Painting of the Air Force Secretary

If only I had an original painting of Tom Vilsack over my mantle, my living room would be complete. Taxpayers only paid $22,500 for that one.

Ah, the life of a Washington insider. More proof that the place is an “imperial city.”

(From the Washington Times)

The Environmental Protection Agency spent nearly $40,000 on a portrait of Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, while a painting of Air Force Secretary Michael B. Donley will cost $41,200, according to federal purchasing records. The price tag for a 3-by-4-foot oil portrait of Agriculture Department Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack: $22,500.

All told, the government has paid out at least $180,000 for official portraits since last year, according to a review by The Washington Times of spending records at federal agencies and military offices across government.

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