War, and Rumors of War?*

It is a sad fact that when the world economy goes into a nasty tailspin, especially for extended lengths of time, war often accompanies the economic chaos.

In the attached article, ZeroHedge reports that an increasing number of economic forecasters are hearing drums in the distance. Indeed, we have had over a decade of war already for this country, which is a large factor in the current economic troubles. (Though few people seem to make the connection.)

The article also points out that many people of influence wrongly believe that war stokes economic fires and is worth the ensuing destruction and death. As the establishment finds its back increasingly against the economic wall, the temptation to lash out (on even a bigger scale than now) will only increase.

Click here for the article.

*By the way, though a Biblical reference about apocalypse, even a very nasty war isn’t going to be the end of the world. But it will be the end of many human beings.