Which Way for the GOP?

We are neither right nor left, nor up or down, red, blue, or purple. But which way the GOP will turn is an interesting question which many people are asking right now, and one which is important for the country.

The Daily Beast offers it’s view with some insight from Tim Carney, a guy I read regularly and for whom I have great respect. We’ve featured his articles and he has done a great job highlighting the issue of crony capitalism in The Examiner.

But the article implies that Carney is in favor of a Rick Santorum version of “conservatism.” I think Carney may have said some nice things about Santorum at some point, but given Carney’s distaste for crony capitalism—something Santorum embraces—I don’t think the Beast’s characterization is exactly right.

Regardless, Santorumism is suicide for the GOP. The guy (and his kind of thinking) is toxic to the constituency the GOP must woo in the next 4 years to succeed.

You can read the article HERE.

I think Rand Paul has a much better way forward. The GOP in his estimation would be wise to embrace its libertarian wing, which is young and motivated.  It is from here that the new ideas which have any hope of challenging American statism on a national level will spring forth.

But this means a revolution within the party. There may indeed be internecine warfare as the establishment is shown the ideological door. But if the Republican Party wants to become relevant again, this is the only way forward.

You can read Senator Paul’s thoughts HERE.