Will We have a “Business Czar” in 2013? Heading what Human Events calls a “Department of Cronyism?”

Is there no end to the insatiable desire of government to control everything? Must the know-it-alls screw up every last bit of the US economy?

It is apparently the desire of the president  to have a go-to guy (or gal) who can coordinate executive branch initiatives for business, like the oh-so-successful green jobs push of 2009-2010. That’s right we can look forward to even more top down micro mismanagement of the economy.

Markets are for reactionaries with no vision. Washington will take it from here. We shall build a new utopia upon the foundation of the economy built by…Well, they didn’t really build it now did they?

(From Human Events)

“But the most obvious pitfall of a Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, or whatever it’ll be called, is that it would further institutionalize the absurd notion that government can foresee what consumers desire and then “invest” accordingly. When Obama talks about “jobs of the future” he means jobs the government will subsidize because people who vote for him like the sound of it. The more they fail, the more it will have to “invest.” It’s not about what you want, it’s about you need.”

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