African Economist: “For God’s sake, stop the aid!”

Source: Der Spiegel

Earlier this year Rand Paul gave an excellent speech on the floor of the Senate explaining that despite good intentions foreign aid often only goes to entrench cronies and to further corruption in the developing world.

In this article in Der Spiegel Kenyan economist James Shikwati agrees in spirit with Paul.

(From Der Spiegel)

SPIEGEL: If the World Food Program didn’t do anything, the people would starve.

Shikwati: I don’t think so. In such a case, the Kenyans, for a change, would be forced to initiate trade relations with Uganda or Tanzania, and buy their food there. This type of trade is vital for Africa. It would force us to improve our own infrastructure, while making national borders — drawn by the Europeans by the way — more permeable. It would also force us to establish laws favoring market economy.

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