Crony Consultants in the GOP? Ari Fleischer Talks with WashPo, CNN, But Not

Say what you will about the Breitbart suite of online media. Are they over the top sometimes? Absolutely. But do they also do great reporting and interesting and valuable news? Without doubt. The attached article is an example of this.

Ari Fleischer, spokesperson for the Bush White House is now one of 5 people heading the RNC “autopsy committee” which is tasked with determining what went wrong in the 2012 campaign for the Republicans.

A few days ago we posted about what some people within the party see as extensive cronyism within the GOP consultant complex.

Hundreds of millions of dollars went to consultants for what appears to be not a whole lot in return.

Romney and his campaign got out hustled in nearly every way. Given that Romney was a marginal candidate to begin with, who was able to overwhelm his opposition in the primaries by virtue of deep pockets and insider connections, not hustling guaranteed a loss.

Not only did they lose, they lost badly.

I can say that in my lifetime, the establishment GOP has never looked worse.

I was talking with a colleague of mine at a Washington think tank last week about the election and what happened to the GOP. It was remarked that even though the GOP has never been “cool”—the Dems have all of Hollywood and the media beyond the Golden State to make them look cool, the GOP used to be the grown up party. The Dems wanted to spend money because they didn’t know any better. The GOP kept them in line—at least to some extent. But now there is no “grown-up party” and “cool” (the Dems) wins by default. The GOP at this moment appears to be uncool (which is nothing new), but also unserious.

In addition to losing their brand (which George Bush, Jr did the most of anyone to destroy) the Republicans systematically attacked the most vital parts of the party. The TEA Party was shunned and marginalized at the RNC. Ron Paul’s folks, the people who started the TEA Party but then became a subset within the TEA Party with time, were schemed against. It was ugly. But the establishment was on a Romney mission. The establishment of the GOP may have turned the GOP into the Whigs in the process.

In nearly every way the people who were making the decisions in the 2012 election failed. First, they backed the wrong guy, then, they completely and repeatedly misread the vibrations of the election. They thought it was the mid 1990s or something. At every turn they were behind the curve. They executed in social media not at all. While Obama was killing them online, Romney ran ads on TV to a much less motivated demo. What’s worse, the Romney ads conveyed the guy the Dems were trying to sell, a rich, out of touch, white guy who belonged to clubs most Americans could never dream of joining. The people running the campaign played defense at every turn, and aside from a blip after the first debate, never dropped the engine into gear. They failed completely.

So, why would the GOP enlist the guys who screwed up so colossally to determine what went wrong in the 2012 election? Many of these guys made millions and millions of dollars while running a horrible campaign. Chances are they aren’t going to look real hard at what went wrong. They know they need only look in the mirror.

So, has decided to get to the bottom of things, and to that effort has requested that Mr. Fleischer shine some light on what he has found to date in the “election autopsy,” and what he thinks the chief problems were.

The thing is, Ari Fleischer won’t talk to arguably the most important right of center online news outlet. Which seems odd for a Republican. Though, he is happy to talk with the Washington Post and CNN.

That (and ACC FTR) has highlighted what has been called the “crony consultant culture” within the GOP, probably rubs Fleischer the wrong way. That’s too bad. Mr. Fleischer should answer’s request.

Click here for the Breitbart article.