How Harry Reid is Trying to Buy GOP Senators for His Pork Laden Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill

Everyone in DC wants money from the taxpayer. They can’t help themselves. It is all these guys in know how to do.

Harry Reid desperately wants to pass the Sandy Relief bill, which is filled with a lot more than just relief for devastated communities in New Jersey and New York. Some of the money is earmarked to go to Alaskan fisheries for instance.

The Republicans have put brakes on the legislation sighting the bill’s amount of pork and it’s lack of specificity in general.

But this may actually be a ploy. Part of the dance. There may be a few senators in the GOP camp who can be swayed for the right price. Reid is actively probing for that price.

(From the Washington Examiner)

In 2011 alone, the federal government declared disasters in 42 states. “Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene alone accounted for disaster declarations in 11 states in August and September,” Politifact recalled.“Oregon saw mudslides and landslides in February and a tsunami wave surge in March. Tornadoes struck Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia in April. Wildfires first triggered federal help in Texas in July.” So, this funding could go to the states whose senators are being targeted by Reid.

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