Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill Blows into Washington, Lawmakers Rush it Along, Filled with “Pork”

$60.4 billion dollars is in play, and from the sounds of it at least a chunk is going to efforts only tangentially associated with helping Sandy victims.

Some of the funds won’t even go anywhere near New Jersey or New York. As the Washington Times reports, millions will go to salmon fisheries in Alaska. Other funds will go to various government agencies spread out across the USA.

This is the sort of bill Congress loves. Who is going to vote against the “Sandy Relief” bill? Only cold, heartless people would even contemplate not voting for it. So what if it’s a grab bag of government largess. We must do something, and we must do something now!

(From the Washington Times)

“I think part of the reason they’re trying to move this fast is they don’t want  too many people paying attention,” said Steve  Ellis, vice president at Taxpayers for Common Sense. “There are clear needs that need  to be met, there’s no doubt about that. Unfortunately, when you overreach you  increase skepticism about the entire package.”

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