Obamacare: America is About to Voyage into Mind-bending Complexity

The Affordable Care Act is so complex, and according to Greg Scandlin at The National Center for Policy Analysis, so poorly written, that large pieces of Obamacare just won’t happen because they literally make no sense. (Or demand unicorns.)

Billions and billions of dollars have been spent implementing “exchanges” and other parts of the health care law, which will yield no fruit.

If you think our tax code is dizzying and rife with cronyism, we are going to see, and have already seen, a whole bunch more with the command and control effort from Washington DC. This shouldn’t hurt job creation one bit.

(From The National Center for Policy Analysis)

This porridge of screw-ups resulted in thousands of waivers from compliance being issued to selected companies and unions. What were the qualifying standards for issuing these waivers? There were none. They were issued based solely on the whim of Kathleen Sebelius.

We have written extensively about most of these problems. John Goodman wrote about more of the upcoming problems including the lack of adequate funding here.

But this abysmal track record is only setting the stage for the big failures to come — the Health Insurance Exchanges and the Individual Mandate.

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