The GOP Looks Within and Sees Cronyism

In the wake of Romney’s defeat many Republicans are looking very closely at where the $400 million or so in donations went. Some do not like what they see.

It appears to at least a few, that consultants hired to get the vote out were more interested in getting dollars into their bank accounts.

Republicans are the last ones to give someone a hard time for making a buck, but a growing number of GOP insiders see cronyism throughout the 2012 election effort. Cleta Mitchell, a veteran Republican insider, if there ever was one, was particularly blunt, as one can see below.

(From The Washington Times)

But Cleta Mitchell, legal adviser to several GOP House and Senate leaders, said the RNC and the party have more fundamental problems.

“Until Chairman Priebus and other GOP leaders focus on rooting out the greed, cronyism, and corruption of the ‘little white boy’ consultants who make millions of dollars, year in and year out, and yet lose elections — and until there is real accountability and transparency to donors to ensure that integrity is restored to GOP circles — none of these initiatives will matter,” Mrs. Mitchell said.

Mr. Priebus named Mississippi RNC member Henry Barbour, the nephew of former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, to be chairman of the panel. Joining Mr. Barbour are Zori Fonalledas, a well-liked, quiet RNC member from Puerto Rico; South Carolina RNC member Glenn McCall; Sally Bradshaw, who was chief of staff for then-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush; and Ari Fleischer, who was President George W. Bush’s White House spokesman.

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