The Heart of Public Union Cronyism Already Illegal But Law Ignored

President Franklin Roosevelt was an opponent of allowing public employee unions. Who are the abusive bosses, he rhetorically asked? Is the public itself an abusive boss?

He might have added that public union’s also channel taxpayer money directly into partisan politics. The taxpayers provide the funds to pay the public workers. The union then takes a cut of this money and uses it to elect public officials who will provide oversize raises and  benefits. When the taxpayer money runs out, the public officials borrow to pay the bloated public unions. This is most visible in “failed” states such as California and New York, but is visible in most parts of the country. It demonstrates again that crony capitalism is not just about business and government, but rather about all special interests and government.

The key to all this is the public unions ability to force workers to pay union dues that are used for political purposes without permission from the worker. This is why Governor Kasich of Ohio erred when he fought and lost his bid to make Ohio a right to work state. He should instead have passed legislation requiring worker consent before dues could be used for political purposes.

The article below is particularly interesting because it shows how courts have already ruled that unions may not use dues for political purposes against the wishes of workers. The problem is that the court rulings have not been codified into law or enforced. It isn’t clear why this hasn’t led to class action lawsuits against unions which routinely refuse to comply.

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