Think taxes are too low? Here are 40 taxes in addition to federal and state income taxes, Social Security, and Medicare taxes, which the average person pays.

“Hard working middle class families and small businesses all over America are being financially raped by this insidious system.”

Taxes are the way the crony capitalists which inhabit much of government continue on. Taxes are the lifeblood of the crony capitalist state.*

Many people are under the false belief that taxes are a means to increase “social justice.” To level the playing field. To take the “rich” down a couple of pegs.

But it is the productive middle class which is hurt most by taxes. The rich know how to move their money around so that taxes are minimized. This has always been the case, and likely always will be. Because the rich have the means to hire people to look after their wealth, for the most part the rich get to keep their wealth. And remember, income taxes tax income, not wealth. Many of the truly rich don’t earn a wage in the way most people do.

However, for the middle class, and I include people who some people would consider “wealthy” this is not an option. The middle class must just take it on the chin because they don’t have the time nor the money to actively minimize taxes.

What is also infuriating for many people in the middle class, is that they know that the taxes they pay go directly to a bureaucratic class which is in bed with powerful interests which then also seek to siphon off tax dollars. For many people, taxes feel like little more than a jack.

Yet many other people argue that we aren’t taxed enough. We should always keep in mind when we hear this argument, which side of the “jack equation” the advocate is.


Every year average Americans pay dozens of different types of taxes, and yet many of our politicians are very open about the fact that they want to raise rates even higher and invent even more ways to bleed us all dry.  Someday historians will look back and be absolutely amazed at how stupid we were.

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*Inflation and government debt are “taxes” too.