“Uncover the Market Price for Corruption,” IPaidABribe.com

IPaidABribe.com seeks to highlight the rampant abuse of power by the bureaucracy in India.

People can go online and report a bribe they had to pay and the amount, which then gives others a sense of what the going rate for a bribe is for a particular service, which is progress of sorts.

But it also highlights the extent of the shakedown society and holds it out on display for anyone who cares to look.

In addition to reporting a bribe or a shakedown, one can also report a good bureaucrat by using the “I met a good officer” button.

This is the sort of thing which can reverse the trend toward increasing corruption in the USA. Innovative thinkers with a passion for radical transparency can change the system for the good. It looks like they are at least a bit in India.

Our hat is off to IPaidABribe.com.