Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Catching Heat from Business for Calling Out Crony Capitalism

At, we do not make political endorsements, this is no exception.

Ken Cuccinelli is an interesting guy, and appears to be a man of real principal. (Though I don’t know the man.) He was actually endorsed by Ron Paul when he ran for Attorney General of the Commonwealth. Now he is running for Governor.

But Virginia (my home state, which I love dearly), has become addicted to government and the northern part, right next to Washington DC, especially so. Some within the northern Virginia business community do not like Ken Cuccineli’s belief in markets. They have become used to snuggling up with Richmond, and Richmond’s facilitation of federal largess.

This is a classic example of where being pro-capitalism and pro-free markets, does not translate as being pro-business. At least in the eyes of some.

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