Wall Street Journal Reports on a “Breathtaking” Expansion of the Surveillance State

The Journal Reports that in March a debate was had within the White House around whether a “dragnet” of citizen records should be created.

It was argued that the 4th Amendment does not extend to business done by government day to day. So, tax records, some employment records, flight records, and presumably every other bit of information created, when a citizen interacts with the government should be subject to random search and algorithm analysis.

The good news is that there was some push-back.

The bad news is that this push-back didn’t matter, and that Attorney General Holder signed the effort into effect.

Given that we now must interact with the government on some level in nearly every aspect of our lives, it looks like there is almost no restriction of what the government can look into without even a warrant.

Some people consider those who will not “give a little” on the expansion of government to be unreasonable, but this is the sort of thing which always happens when people who oppose large government “give a little.” A seed is planted somewhere, and then one day the Feds are trawling through everyone’s’ electronic records without a warrant.

When money and power are to be had, programs such as the one detailed in the report attached flourish.

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