Apple Board Member Al Gore Just Exercised an Option to Buy 59,000 Shares at $7.475/share, Current price of Apple? $500/share


This guy is yet another political class super investor. Last month Gore sold off Current TV, which has actually done some good work despite being wedded to the state, for $500 million, of which he netted $100 million or so.

The guy who won the Nobel Peace Prize for raising the profile of global warming sold out to Qatari oil magnates. Think about that. What is the carbon footprint on that deal?

Gore made another little bundle on Tuesday by exercising Apple stock options. The deal made him about $30 million instantly, basically because he sits on Apple’s board, because he has the right friends.

I believe Mr. Gore now has 7 houses. One right above sea level in California. In fairness I am sure it is covered by the Federal Flood Insurance Program so when levels do rise we the taxpayer will pay to indemnify the Vice President. He’s got all the bases covered—this guy.

It must be nice to be able to leverage big shot status both in government and in the private sector. Call it the crony capitalist sweet spot.

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