Big Pharma and Universities Partner Up Like Never Before

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Got to get to the best and brightest, and most importantly their ideas and university intellectual property, early.

From foggy Cal San Francisco to the green pastures of Harvard University, drug companies are setting up shop, enlisting (inexpensive) grad students to do R and D for their particular projects.

The universities like the partnerships (for the most part) because the drug companies bring money. But some question whether working on the development of a Pfizer drug is what a tax exempt institution should be doing.

(From ABC News)

Academic medical centers and teaching hospitals “have particular missions that justify their tax-exempt status,” Angell said. “They’re supposed to educate the next generation of doctors. They’re supposed to be doing cutting-edge research, not just research on drugs … and they’re supposed to be taking care of the sickest and neediest people in society.”

That public-service mission is “quite different from the mission of investor-owned companies. They’re supposed to maximize profits.”

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