“But we don’t have capitalism. We don’t have free markets.” Ron Paul’s first interview as a former member of Congress.

This is the copy of the Financial Times I got from Ron Paul’s office when I visited him. Though it is cut off the headline reads: Can the Fed Still Save the World? How perfect is that?

I met Ron Paul in his office on January 30, 2007. I was a stock broker and I came to the District to try to convince the doctor to become a client. I had long been a fan and I had a couple of good gold mining stocks in my pocket so I was going to make my case. But once I shook the man’s hand I forgot all about trying to make him a client. We just sat down and talked about free market economics for 20 minutes.

He never asked me why I was there. And he was as genuine in person as he came across in his writings and on Youtube. I walked out of his office that day feeling that we were very lucky to have the man in Congress. I wish we still had him. I do wonder, as Neil Cavuto does in the video below, “Who is going to watch the till?”