Crony Capitalist Conduit? Obama’s New (Tax Free) Group, Organizing for Action, has “Closely affiliated itself” with Mega Corporations and George Soros


The crony capitalist conduit has been established. If your corporation wants to influence the direction of policy, this is the place to do it, anonymously.  If you want to be a part of the President’s effort, just drop a check into this designated box. Tax free of course.

(From Politco)

Told of the meeting, Fred Wertheimer, head of the money-in-politics watchdog group Democracy 21, expressed concern.

“This is the worst possible way for President Obama to start his second term in office,” Wertheimer said. He urged Obama to “immediately” shut down Organizing for Action, calling its creation “an inexplicable action by the president that directly contradicts the message President Obama has been taking to the country for years about the dangerous role played by corporate and special interest money in influencing the way business is done in Washington.”

It’s Chicago on the Potomac. As we said, more cronyism is on the way, FORWARD.

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