Ex-FEMA HR Employee May Go to Jail After Directing Millions to a Firm Which Would Later Offer Him a Job

Well, one crony capitalist got caught.

Later this month Timothy Cannon, FEMA’s former HR director in DC, is expected to plead guilty to felony conflict of interest.

He directed millions in contracts to the Gallop polling company and then solicited a job from them while still at FEMA.

He wasn’t very cool about things as he left government to join Gallop and soon people put 2 and 2 together. Now he may spend 5 years in prison for (poorly) working the system.

(From The Washington Examiner)

According to charging documents, in August 2008, Cannon got FEMA to hire the Gallup Organization to conduct polls of the agency’s managers and provide employee training. The five-year contract was worth $6 million to Gallup.

About the same time, Cannon began talking to the Gallup CEO about working for the polling company. While pursuing the job, he got FEMA to add another $1.6 million for the contract.

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