Farm Bureau Turns on Small Farmers

Fauquier County: There are worse places to live.
Fauquier County: There are worse places to live.


Farm Bureau is an insurance company which in Virginia guards the gate to all farming legislation jealously. In the past, bills having to do with agriculture in the Commonwealth had to be blessed by the company.

Recently a group of farmers in my home county of Fauquier introduced a bill which sought to protect the commercial activities of small farmers in this lovely part of the Piedmont. Some interests in the county did not like that a few farms were actually trying to make money with their land (the county is full of “gentleman farms”) and so sought to zone a lot of farm business out of existence  The county did it via a zoning czar, and it was nasty. As a result farmers brought forth a bill in Richmond to remedy the situation.

It’s a good bill and I am happy that my neighbors spurred it. Most Virginians support the bill according to polling cited in the attached article. But Farm Bureau came out against the bill.


For the sole reason that the company was not consulted first.

More than a couple farmers down the road have canceled policies with the company due to its arrogant stance.

The bill has a good chance of passing.

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