Former Senator Ben Nelson Now Heads a Prime Insurance Industry Group, Time to Cash In


Ben Nelson, the former senator from Nebraska has taken what is undoubtedly a lucrative job as head of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

As Tim Carney of The Washington Examiner reports in the attached article, Nelson is “…honored to serve as CEO during such an important and exciting time in the regulatory community.”

I’ll bet.

Don’t forget Senator Nelson was the crucial 60th vote in the upper house for the passage of Obamacare. The “Nebraska Compromise”  he and Harry Reid brokered in return for the Senator”s vote was full of (taxpayer funded) treats for his home state. It’s nice to see that Senator Nelson gets a treat for himself too given all his hard work.

(From The Washington Examiner)

What makes this “such an important and exciting time in the regulatory community” regarding insurance? Two laws mostly — the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd-Frank financial regulation.

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