If You are Under 40 You Could See Your Health Insurance Premiums Rise by 30% to 40% Under Obamacare

rich old people

It’s not me saying it. It’s the Senate Finance Committee headed by Max Baucus, a Democrat.

Romney was a terrible candidate. He had little appeal, and for younger voters next to none. That bit about asking your parents for a loan just did not go over well. Young people solidly went for the President.

But Obama is no friend to the young. The Affordable Care Act, the president’s signature piece of legislation, is a very raw deal for people under 40. It’s not very “affordable” for those who have the least to spend.

Guess what healthy young person? You just got a fat new bill. Add that to the student loans you’re paying back.

•Younger, healthier individuals could see an increase in the cost of their insurance by over 40 percent.

•The cost of insurance for individuals aged 21 to 29 who are ineligible for premium assistance from the government would increase by 42 percent.

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