Last Year We Said Turn Detroit into a Free Enterprise Zone, Some in Detroit May be Listening

Michigan Central Station

Of course we are probably not the only ones to think that turning Detroit into an economic “free zone” could go a long way toward solving the city’s problems. It’s right on the border with Canada (which is doing pretty well at this moment) and it has a good port. It just makes sense considering the basket case Motown has become. It is essentially a non-functioning city.

On October 6th, 2012 we wrote-

Detroit is crashing badly. It can’t pay its bills. It basically can’t even function. It has little to lose at this point. How about we declare Detroit an economic “free-zone.” No taxes, private everything, and see how it does. I’m not kidding. Why not let the market do its thing and revitalize the city, or at the very least help it convert from open economic sore, to a net contributor. It sits right at the Canadian border. This is a huge advantage for trade. What does it have to lose?

Now comes word that, though Detroit as a whole might not be liberalized, there is a proposal to turn Belle Isle, just off shore from Detroit into a free market commonwealth.

We know nothing of the a proposal, or even if as it is constructed it even makes sense. But that people are even considering such ideas is a good sign. The city has failed so thoroughly so completely, that free markets are being considered in the capital of organized labor. That is a good thing. Time to open things up.

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