Missouri Congresswoman Gets Reelected, Then Immediately Quits to Take a High Paying Lobbying Position, Special Election for Her Seat Will Cost Taxpayers $1 Million


In this excellent report from Drew Griffin at CNN, we learn of Jo Anne Emerson’s plan to leave her position as a Congresswoman to take a promotion as head of The National Rural Electrical Cooperative Association. There it is estimated she will make 10 times what she made as a member of Congress.

She was just reelected too. Had she just taken the job before the election she would have saved taxpayers $1 million in the cost of having a special election. She started filing the paperwork for the job within 9 days of her solid victory.

But as the report points out, she is leaving Congress to join the family business.

Her deceased husband was a congressman and then a lobbyist. Her 2 daughters are lobbyists. It’s only natural for her to find her way to K Street. It’s like a salmon swimming upriver.

According to the report she’ll be joining 4 other former members of Congress headed Downtown to spread influence for a fee.