No Quid Pro Quo Between Hollywood and the White House?

Hollywood Sign

Rob Reiner recently made the case on the Chris Matthews Show that entertainers like himself (or perhaps in his case former entertainers) donate to the politicians they do because they share a cultural affinity, not because it’s good business.

Only Wall Street and the oil companies do that sort of thing, and they donate mostly to the dark side from Reiner’s perspective.

Hollywood just does what’s right because it is populated with forward thinking enlightened people. There are no ulterior motives in the cascade of donations which find their way from the dusty California hills to certain folks in Washington DC.

Matthew Continetti at The Free Beacon doesn’t quite see it that way.

(From The Free Beacon)

Yes, it is interesting. It is interesting that Matthews and Reiner were so completely and totally ensconced in their blanket of self-righteousness that they never stopped to consider that “people on Wall Street and the business world, in Texas and around there,” might also donate to Republicans because they share Republican cultural values.

It is also interesting—“interesting” is the most overused word on MSNBC—that Matthews and Reiner seemed blissfully unaware that the giant multinational corporations which produce and distribute Hollywood’s “content” around the globe have major financial interests at work in electoral politics.

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