Obama Calls for Even Larger Government, This Will Mean Even More Cronyism, More Control Over Average People

obama speech

The President made it pretty clear yesterday that the era of big government, in his mind, is not over. That such words ever were spoken at all should be forgotten. The way forward is on a glittering path of statism, of ever larger government, of an expanded public sector, of more dependence, and one of more control over the lives of everyday Americans.  We are told that the glittering path is more just. More equal. Frankly just flat out better than the path this country originally set out on.

FDR (in his 4 terms) did much to break the American spirit of independence from government. In the dark of the Depression, which we now know was created for the most part by government intervention into the economy, he was able to to socialize the New Deal. When the Supreme Court said his “reforms” were unconstitutional, FDR threatened to expand the court and pack it with his people. The Supreme Court relented and now we are stuck with a convoluted interpretation of the Interstate Commerce Clause which makes no sense, but allows the federal government to regulate nearly everything under the American sun.

Obama, I believe, seeks to take things further than FDR if he can. He has brilliantly co-opted much of big business with subsidies and sweetheart deals. He has lined up the corporate media right behind him. He has effectively dovetailed two very important parts of the private sector into the mission of government, into the mission of the state.

We will see more crony capitalism. Likely much more, in the years to come. As the government swallows even more of the economy, business will do what it can to survive, even if it means revenue sharing (beyond the taxes paid) with the government.

I have always wanted to give the president the benefit of the doubt. Even going forward I will try to give it to him as best I can. But that speech yesterday was a clarion call to collectivism. With collectivism comes crony capitalism and I fear even worse things.

This publication exists not for partisan Republicans, conservatives, or libertarians, but for everyone who is concerned with special interests which steal from taxpayers using influence and law to line their narrow pockets. When warranted we will continue to give the president and the Dems a hard time. When warranted we will continue to give the Republicans and others a hard time. But make no mistake, the larger the government gets, the more corruption and abuse of the American taxpayer there will be. That is the nature of Leviathan.

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