Obama Disbands the “Jobs Council,” No More Unemployment Problem?

Unemployment Pic

Drudge ran the headline ” Mission Accomplished Obama Ending Jobs Council.” This is an obvious reference to President Bush’s premature declaration of victory in Iraq. But really, it is “mission accomplished” for Obama.

The jobs council was a campaign funding vehicle, a way to get corporations on-board with this president. That was done.

The focus moves now to the the new tax free advocacy group Organizing for America which was launched at the inauguration. It doesn’t use the cover of creating jobs. It’s pretty straight forward now—pay us to play.

(From Politico)

Dubbed the “Road Ahead” meeting, the conference was sponsored by a White House-allied trade association called Business Forward, which is funded by major corporations including Microsoft, Walmart and PG&E – each of which sent senior executives to participate in a panel on how to boost American economic competitiveness.

Jim Messina, Obama’s 2012 campaign manager and the Organizing for Action national chairman, and OfA Director Jon Carson, pleaded with invited big donors to support the new group. “We need you. This president needs you,” Messina said, adding Organizing for Action was “building a national advisory board filled with people in this room.”

Carson told the donors, who were treated to cocktails and light hors d’oeuvres after the day’s sessions, “there’s going to be a place for each and every one of you.”

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